The SolaWave Wand is the must-have beauty tool if you have cystic acne

I was a nervous wreck coming off of my acne medication.

After my topical acne products weren’t working for me anymore, I pushed through six long months of an oral antibiotic. I had survived the big purge—insane redness and itchy inflamed skin—and the second purge, too. It felt like the stages of grief. 

Coming off of the medication freaked me TF out. I thought for sure I would break out with huge cystic pimples again, unable to control where and when they cropped up. I feared that those six months would have been all for nothing. 

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To my surprise, coming off of the medicine was pretty smooth and steady. Sure, a cystic pimple would pop up here and there but the length of time they stayed on my face was next to nothing. Plus, they felt different from the ones I had experienced before. These post-antibiotic pimples weren’t so deeply rooted and caused by excess bacteria. 

My dermatologist recommended I be ultra-sensitive to my skin’s needs coming off the medication for at least two months. She urged me to hydrate as much as possible (both on the inside and outside), steer clear from harsh exfoliants, and use red light therapy to calm and keep bacteria at bay.

The first two recommendations? Easy! I know how to manage those things. But, red light therapy can be expensive if you’re seeing an esthetician for treatments. Instead, I went the beauty tool route and decided to try SolaWave


I first discovered SolaWave through social media. Videos of individuals using the wand were constantly showing up in my feed and I was more than intrigued. Does this device really work? I needed to find out. 

I took a deeper dive and discovered they’re a queer-owned beauty brand and inclusivity is really important to them. This isn’t something you see often in messaging from a skincare tool brand. Usually, it’s all science and lacks an emotional connection. I think this is what makes it so hard for me to find skincare and beauty tool brands interesting.


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Inclusive beauty for all is reinforced throughout SolaWave’s messaging. Yes, this means including all folx and skin types when it comes to marketing, but they also explain why the price point is important when discussing inclusivity too.

Skincare tools usually cost a pretty penny. Plus, they take a long time to yield visual results in skin. SolaWave talks about how red light therapy isn’t just another fad in the beauty world. The brand created this product with the thought in mind that with five minutes a day, you’ll feel and see results within just 30 days of using. That’s the best promise any skincare tool or device has ever presented me. 

What is red light therapy?

If you’ve ever experienced a professional facial, you may have had a little red light therapy! Simply put, red light therapy (RLT) consists of red lights that radiate low-level heat in an attempt to heal and rejuvenate skin.

RLT is most notably known for its ability to help acne and signs of aging. It can actually help kill acne-causing bacteria and improve the texture and appearance of acne scars over time. In terms of anti-aging, it promotes healthy skin cell function and can even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dullness. 

The SolaWave Wand ($149) delivers warmth and RLT to the skin but it also incorporates microcurrents and vibration into the treatment. When you use the wand, you’ll notice that it has a slight vibration when you touch it on your skin. These microcurrents send low-level electrical waves to your skin and penetrate deep layers of your epidermis. This promotes smooth, radiant skin, reduces fine lines, and provides a lifting effect. The gentle vibrations also work to depuff skin as they offer a lymphatic drainage effect. 

SolaWave Wand review

Honestly, I have never been committed to a skincare tool. My vanity is a graveyard of tools begging to be used. I always forget to put the ice roller back in the freezer, I gua sha once a month (at best), and I haven’t touched my NuFace in over two months. I always fall out of the habit of using beauty tools. 

BUT. I can proudly say I have NOT given up on The SolaWave Wand ($149) and I’m three months strong. And, I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m beyond dedicated to this tiny thing that glows red. 

I initially started using it to help me after I stopped my acne medication. Not only did it help me through any cystic acne breakouts that came up, but it helped fade some scarring from previous breakouts gone wrong. Since it’s so small, you can easily get under your eyes a bit and on the sides of your nose. I like to use it every night before bed as the last step in my routine. I feel I wake up with less puffy under eyes since starting. 

The wand interacts with your skin when it’s moisturized and immediately turns on. To turn it off, just pull it away from your skin. I usually use the wand for about 10 minutes, all across my face and sometimes even on my neck. It’s small enough to be thrown into a little skincare bag and perfect for travel.

$150 can seem steep for a skincare device, but when you compare it to things like the NuFace ($339) and think about how quickly you’ll notice results, I think it is 100% worth the investment. Plus, if you don’t see results within 30 days, you can get a full refund from SolaWave. That’s just how much they’re willing to bet on you falling in love with it. 


– The SolaWave Wand, ($149) is the perfect at-home red light therapy device

– Ideal if you have acne, scarring, or dull skin

– Helps reduce fine lines and puffiness


If you have any form of acne, scarring, or struggle with dull skin, this is the beauty tool for you. It’s something I know you’ll feel good about buying and using. Buy HERE, $149.