The ultimate sustainable beauty gift guide: 9 gift ideas for the 2021 holiday season

It’s time to re-imagine the way we experience everyday practices this holiday season.

It may be easy to stick to tradition, but after a hectic two-year pandemic, maybe it’s time to whole-heartedly embrace this new normal? Focusing on the future of our planet has become increasingly crucial. Our typical daily habits might seem harmless, but over time, constant consumption, and disposal of items like toothpaste tubes, serum bottles, or facemasks can add up.

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For this holiday season, Very Good Light has compiled a list of nine sustainable gifting options that will change the trajectory of our environment’s health as well as the way you experience your daily routines.

Best sustainable beauty gifts:

Cadence Travel Capsules, $70:  

The best part about traveling is arriving at your destination, but packing is always the worst. Travel-sized self-care products seem like the easy way out for efficient packing, but this can be a costly and unsustainable method over time. Cadence’s Travel Capsules are multi-use travel-sized capsules that can store anything from skincare serums to vitamins.



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Common Heir Vitamin C Serum, $66:

Common Heir’s zero plastic outer packaging and biodegradable capsules puts no burden on the consumer to recycle the product properly once their 10% vitamin C serum is all used up. It doesn’t matter if the product ends up in your trash can or recycling bin; either way, it will do no harm to the environment.



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Dieux Forever Eye Masks, $25:

Consistency is always key when it comes to skincare. Eye masks are a great way to pamper the skin, but in order to achieve the optimal effects, they have to be used on a consistent basis. This can lead to large amounts of waste, as well as money spent on eye masks. Dieux is your new forever eye mask that you never have to throw away. Open up the reusable tin packaging that encases the eye masks, dispense your favorite serum on the masks, and apply! A gentle wash with soap and water allows you to continuously reuse.  


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Bite Toothpaste Bits, $30:

Did you know toothpaste doesn’t always have to come in a tube? Ditch the toothpaste tubes and try Bite’s mint-like Toothpaste Bits. Reduce waste by brushing with these toothpaste bits, and when you clean out the jar, reuse it or refill it monthly with more bits. 

Plus Cloud Bodywash, $16.50: 

Wash the day and your skincare packaging away with Plus’s Cloud Bodywash. These single-serve body wash sachets, including the packaging, can all break down with a single shower. It’s time to re-imagine your shower experience with less plastic.  


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REYN The Functional Set, $300:

REYN is a skincare brand that focuses on sustainability through ethically sourcing their ingredients and educating consumers on how to sustainably use their products. From packaging to education, REYN never compromises on their sustainability values.  


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Earthling Shampoo Bars, $15: 

Typically our showers are filled with a plethora of plastic bottles encasing products like shampoo, conditioner, and skincare. Now, it’s time to rethink your normal shower experience. Earthling’s Shampoo Bars provide a 100-percent plastic-free alternative to a typical plastic shampoo bottle. One of these bars can last up to six months, and they are even travel-friendly!   


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Binu Binu Aegi Super Mild Soap, $22:

Similar to shampoo bars, Binu Binu’s body soaps provide a plastic-free alternative to washing your body. Binu Binu creates carefully formulated soap bars and bath tools inspired by the spirit of Korean bathhouse culture.   

Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief, $28: 

Krave Beauty is a Korean skincare brand focused on creating sustainable skincare for the environment as well as your skin. Similar to REYN, Krave believes in sustainability beyond packaging, but in lifestyle. With a small selection of skincare product essentials, Krave works to make skincare an intentional process. 


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